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Beginners Guide to Wave Curtains

Wave curtains are a modern style that are really making waves in the custom made curtain industry! (I'm so so sorry) Anyway puns aside it is a really simple and elegant style of curtain that particularly suits modern homes with large windows but looks great in any room where chic simplicity is the desired effect .

Courtesy of Silent Gliss

The wave heading makes a simple rippling fold effect in your finished curtain and so is a less fussy and ornate style than say french pleat or pencil pleat curtains. It must be fitted to a Silent Gliss track that is made specifically for wave heading.

So why Wave?

The Silent Gliss Tracks can fit any number of awkward spaces where a standard pole can't be used. If you've ever watched Dermot Bannon's Room to Improve you'll see that those poor people never have curtains because of Dermot's love of floor to ceiling room width windows. Somebody tell Dermo about Wave Curtains quickly - those people's neighbours are getting an eyeful!

Courtesy of Silent Gliss

If you have a window like this where standard curtains/ blinds aren't really an option then wave curtains on a silent gliss track can be a beautiful option, the track can be fitted very discreetly giving the impression that the curtains are almost floating from your ceiling. It can be fitted to bay windows and comes in a pole style finish to mimic the decorative look of a standard curtain pole, it even comes with electronic operated options.

The Wave heading itself allows for less fabric fullness than is required in standard curtain headings allowing for a neat and crisp look that will stack back off your windows allowing you to let light flood in and enjoy the view!

Voile fabrics look amazing in Wave Heading as they fall into beautiful soft folds and so are the perfect solution in rooms where some privacy is required but no heavy curtains are needed. That being said Wave Curtains look equally well made in heavier fabrics as long as they're not stiff or too bulky and can even be blackout lined for when you want a lie in.

Courtesy of Silent Gliss

So if you have a window you're struggling to find a solution for or simply like the look of modern simplicity then Wave Curtains could be for you. Find your local store and talk to one of our experts who will be happy to advise and give you a quote.



I started working for Hickeys when I was only 16 and my love affair with all things fabric, textiles and crafts began!! I always have some project on the go (even if they don't always get finished), and after nearly 20 years in the business I'm still learning new things all the time from fellow staff and amazing customers!

Your Comments
  • Katherine O'Brien 08 October at 12:25

    Laura - where can I buy silent gliss tracks in Ireland?

  • Hi Laura, can any kind of fabrics be used with AIlent Gliss tracks for wave curtains or does it have to be one of their fabrics?

    • Hi Liza,
      We will make wave curtains out of most of the fabrics we stock (which are not Silent Gliss brand) though some fabrics are more suitable - very heavy weight fabrics will not sit well.
      If you called into your local store one of our staff would be happy to guide you towards the best types to choose