Christmas Craft: Christmas Stocking

How to make a christmas stocking


Christmas Stocking:

We all dream of creating the perfect Christmas - with hot chocolate, beautifully wrapped gifts, milk out for Santa Clause, and of course stocking hung over the fireplace.

What better way to create a fairytale Christmas than with your own personalised, handmade Christmas stocking? Make one for everyone in the family, and pack them full of fun Christmas gifts just in time for Christmas morning!

Here's how you can create your very own beautiful Christmas stocking. Just download our free stocking pattern, and get started!

You will need:



  • Using toe shape from this pattern, trace the shape onto the bondaweb. Iron the bondaweb shapes onto the red fabric & cut out.
  • Press the toes in place on to the craft fabric. Lay the lace across the join & sew in to position.
  • Right sides together, sew one craft fabric front to one red lining at the top only. Repeat for the back.
  • Press the seams open.
  • Layer & pin 1 batting, back and front (right sides together), matching the seams at the top & the toes.
  • Sew all around, leaving a 4" opening in the red lining, approximately 5" down from the top join seam.
  • Trim & turn the right sides out through the opening, and press.
  • Sew the opening closed. Push the lining into the main foot between the 2 battings,
  • Sew the lace around the top on the red side. Fold the ribbon in half and sew in to position, 5" down from the top, on the inside of the stocking.
  • Fold down the cuff to batting level to finish.


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