• Pom-pom-twinkle-lightsLittle else is more exciting to an interior design lover than adding something new to their home. Constantly on the look out for something different and exciting- changing cushions, adding throws, a new rug- you name it! Sometimes the eyes can be a little larger than the wallet, so here is a fun, easy and cost-effective way of adding a little something to your humble abode.

    Something most can agree on is that twinkle lights are amazing. They are a low cost, pretty and simple way to jazz up your home- whether you wrap them around your curtain poles or drape them over your bed board to create a cosy feel by some candlelight, they are always welcome. Pom poms are all the rage at the moment, they are fuzzy delights that add texture and a pop of colour to anything you add them to. So, as you have guessed by the title- we have combined the two greats to achieve something even greater. Pom Pom Twinkle Lights. This DIY is fun, wallet friendly and interchangeable. Are you an interior chameleon? All you need is some wool, scissors and a Pom Pom maker, you can literally chop and change the colours with your mood.pom-pom-twinkle-lights-two

    What you will need:

    Twinkle Lights: Opt for LED as they are a little safer, more energy efficient and more manoeuvrable as you’re not having to plan your display around the nearest plug socket. We have a variety available in our stores for great prices! Find your nearest store.

    Pom Pom Maker: Pom Pom makers vary, and we have a great variety available to purchase in our store! However, really you can create a Pom Pom out of things in your home. Check out our Pinterest page where we have a board dedicated to the glory of the Pom Pom, with pins on DIY hacks, inspiration and ideas.

    Sharp Scissors: There is nothing worse than a blunt scissors. If it’s sharp it will cut easily and make your task a little more enjoyable. Shop our online scissors selection

    Wool: We have chosen two colours, both very on trend shades for 2018, but you can go as simple or as wacky as you like! There are no limits (aside from the length of your twinkle lights). Check out our wool selection online and in store.

    Let’s Get Pom Pom’ing.

    Step One: Assemble your maker accordingly. This one requires the two grooves and ridges to fit together. You then thread the wool through the middle and hold the short end in your other hand, then wrap! It's best to move back and forth around the half-moon shape, distributing the wool as evenly as you can. Don’t go too thick, as you will have to close the two sides which may prove difficult if your wool is packed on too thick!pom-pom-twinkle-lights-three

    Step Two: Once you are happy with the thickness of your wrap on one side of the maker, move the thread of wool to the other side and continue to wrap. Don’t worry about the thread of wool being spread across the two sides, as you will be trimming it later on, and will have a chance to even out your Pom Poms to your liking.


    Step Three: Close your maker and use the little white grips to clasp the two pieces together. This secures the maker so that you can concentrate on trimming the wool! Get your scissors and place it between the groove and start cutting. The groove will act as a guide so that your cut remains straight.

    Step Four: You can start to see the Pom Pom forming now- how exciting! Get a piece of wool, long enough to wrap comfortably around the width of your Pom Pom and tie a knot. When you wrap through the groove, tie single knot and pull tightly. Twist the thread again and tie a double knot to secure the Pom Pom.


    Step Five: Remove the grips and carefully remove the maker. Trim your Pom Pom to size, evening it out as you go. Be careful not to cut the tails of the knot you used to secure the Pom Pom, as we will be needing these later!

    Step Six: You should now be left with a variety of Pom Poms, as many or as few as you like dependent on the length of your string of lights. Lay your lights out on a surface and decide where you would like to place our Pom Poms. We chose to have one every four lights.pom-pom-twinkle-lights-six

    Step Seven: Using the tails of wool from your Pom Pom, tie your Pom Pom tightly around the Twinkle Light thread. When you are happy with the placement, trim your tails to blend in with the Pom Pom itself.pom-pom-twinkle-lights-seven


  • 5 Christmas Gifts for craft crazed people

    Christmas is growing ever closer, and each year we are left with the dilemma: what do I get for my nearest and dearest?

    Thankfully, some people have such a vast range of interests that you can always find them a quirky, fun, and useful gift. Crafters are one such group of people! If you have someone who loves to work with their hands in your family, what better way to show your love this Christmas than to give them the gift of creativity? Craft gifts come with all the joy of creating your own project, whether it's a jumper, a dress, or some beautiful cards, as well as the pleasure of enjoying your creation for years after it's finished!

    Whether your loved one is an experienced dressmaker, or a beginner paper crafter, you're sure to find a crafty gift that's going to suit them. There are loads of different options available, so let's take a look at a few gift ideas:

    1. A Sewing Machine


    Anyone who's interested in creating their own fashion design and making their own clothes will absolutely love a sewing machine this Christmas. Even a very basic model can let you create amazing and unique fashion pieces! This gift comes with hours of enjoyment, fun, and creativity, so it really is the gift that keeps on giving. The Brother LS14 model is a flexible and versatile machine, suitable for all skill levels.



    2. A Bodyform


    What dressmaker doesn't dream of a model who can't fidget, complain, or leave? The Adjustoform Sewdeluxe Leg Body Form is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to create their own designs. You can easily alter it to a huge variety of dress sizes, perfect for making clothes for other people.

    A bodyform is the perfect way to measure and create designs, without bribing a friend to stand for you while you get to work! A dressmaking model who can't complain about getting poked with needles? Sign me up!


    3. Amazing Craft Kits


    Craft is taking the world by storm. From adult colouring books, to a resurge in knitting, people are starting to come back to creating home accents with their own hands, for truly unique pieces (as well as a new skill!).

    Give someone you love the gift of creativity and fun with a craft kit, whether it's therapeutic zenbroidery or knitting up a storm!



    4. A Beautiful Craft Box


    What do you get for the crafter who has everything? Somewhere to put it all!

    Delight the craft fanatic in your family with a beautiful sewing or craft basket - perfect for keeping all those small bits and bobs that are essential for craft neatly tidied away and easy to find!

    For a little extra treat, why not fill the box before you give it as a gift? There are countless craft and dressmaking items that are perfect for filling up these basket - and they're sure to give the recipient a wonderful surprise!



    5. Something Different!


    Craft Kits are great fun and can give someone endless enjoyment! We have a brilliant range of craft kits for both kids and adults.



    Whatever their interests, you're sure to find a meaningful, fun, and crafty gift for any friend or family member at Hickeys! Why not take a look at all of our fantastic Christmas stock?

    Find the perfect Christmas gift at Home Focus at Hickeys

  • Adorn your home with a rustic mini pine cone tree this Christmas! Simple yet so effective... It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!ub5ornso-xlarge

    1. Decorate the tips of your pine cone with gems and embellishment to look like baubles.

    2. Make the base from a polystyrene ball. Trim the top and bottom so the edges are flat. Decorate the ball by painting red and adding ribbons and bows.

    3. Stick the pine cone to the top of the polystyrene base with glue and top the tree with a festive bead or bow!

  • How to make a christmas stocking


    Christmas Stocking:

    We all dream of creating the perfect Christmas - with hot chocolate, beautifully wrapped gifts, milk out for Santa Clause, and of course stocking hung over the fireplace.

    What better way to create a fairytale Christmas than with your own personalised, handmade Christmas stocking? Make one for everyone in the family, and pack them full of fun Christmas gifts just in time for Christmas morning!

    Here's how you can create your very own beautiful Christmas stocking. Just download our free stocking pattern, and get started!

    You will need:



    • Using toe shape from this pattern, trace the shape onto the bondaweb. Iron the bondaweb shapes onto the red fabric & cut out.
    • Press the toes in place on to the craft fabric. Lay the lace across the join & sew in to position.
    • Right sides together, sew one craft fabric front to one red lining at the top only. Repeat for the back.
    • Press the seams open.
    • Layer & pin 1 batting, back and front (right sides together), matching the seams at the top & the toes.
    • Sew all around, leaving a 4" opening in the red lining, approximately 5" down from the top join seam.
    • Trim & turn the right sides out through the opening, and press.
    • Sew the opening closed. Push the lining into the main foot between the 2 battings,
    • Sew the lace around the top on the red side. Fold the ribbon in half and sew in to position, 5" down from the top, on the inside of the stocking.
    • Fold down the cuff to batting level to finish.


  • How to make a Christmas Tree Skirt

    Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt:


    You've gone through all the effort of choosing a tree and decorating, but the look still isn't finished. It's easy to complete the look with a beautiful Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt.

    The fun Scandi Christmas design is perfect for adding a subtle additional decoration to your tree!

    You will need:



    • Make a template by folding the paper in half. Draw 2 curved lines, one 1.5" down and another 18" down from folded corner.
    • Cut along the lines.
    • Open the template out & place the straight edge (with neck opening) on the fold of the main fabric. Cut & repeat for the batting.
    • Cut an opening section from outer edge to neck in each piece.
    • Fold the template in half & half again to give a segment template. Cut 2 of each x4 fabrics, adding a 1/4" seam allowance. Sew the fabric segments together in alternating patterns & press the seams open.
    • Pin the batting and back together.
    • Sew the lace in position around the bottom edge, raw edge to raw edge using a 1/8" seam allowance.
    • Pin the segmented front on top of the back, right sides together, making sure the lace is tucked in sew around, on the batting side, leaving a 6" gap on one side of the opening section.
    • Trim the excess & make notches in the neck before turning right side out through the 6" gap.
    • Press, and sew down the joins between each segment, then stitch the opening closed.
    • Cut the ribbon into 6 equal lengths and space down the opening section, with 3 on each side.
    • Sew in to position to finish.


  • How to make an advent calendar

    Advent Calendar

    It's never too early or late to indulge in some Christmas crafting! What better way to mark the excitement of Christmas than to count down each day with a hidden treat or secret message from an Advent Calendar?! Simply follow our easy steps below to create your own!


    1. Scandi Reindeer Natural
    2. Scandi Snowman Red
    3. Scandi Robins Natural
    4. Scandi Gingerbread Men Natural
    5. Scandi Reindeer Red
    6. Scandi Robins Red


    1. Cut 2 pieces of 7" x 22" Ecru and 1 piece of 27" x 22" batting. Cut 4 pieces of each of the 6 Christmas cotton fabric (5" x 5").
    2. Cut 4" x 26" of the lace and 6" x 8" of the ribbon.
    3. Make numbers 1 to 24 by tracing numbers onto Bondaweb. Iron onto red felt and cut. Alternatively, you can use our Pre-cut Christmas Advent Calendar Numbers.
    4. Sew 6 squares together using 0.5" seam allowance x 4 times. Press open the seams and press 0.5" hem along the bottom and sides. Press 0.25" twice across the top pockets. Sew lace in place across top of all 4 rows.
    5. Iron numbers in place on lace on each pocket.
    6. Layer back, batting, and front, and tack together. Place first row 1.5" down from the top and in from sides. Sew around 3 sides and down each pocket join. Sew second, third, fourth row 1" below the previous row.
    7. Fold 6 lengths of ribbon in half and pin raw edges to top and back, spacing evenly. Sew in place 1/8" from edge. Fold remaining ribbon in lengthwise and sew around all four side, encasing raw edges and overlapping ends.
    8. Point hanging loops up, making sure they are the same length and sew again to secure.
    9. Thread a pole through loops and hang your calendar.

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