Guide: How To Hang Your Ready Made Curtains


Your guide on how to hang your curtains

Whether your new ready made curtains are pencil pleat or eyelet, you don't need to hire someone to come out and hang them for you. Once you have a correctly sized and assembled curtain pole or rail, you're ready to get your new curtains hung!

How To Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains:

Pencil Pleat curtains don't need to be complicated to hang. By following these 4 simple steps, your pencil pleat curtains will be up and looking wonderful in no time!

How to hang pencil pleat curtains

How To Hang Eyelet Curtains:

Eyelet curtains are very simple and easy to hang. They offer a natural pleated look, fit easy onto a pole, and require no pulling of heading tapes.

Simply iron your curtains and hang them by threading the curtains on to your curtain pole, with the correct side of the curtains facing the room. They can easily be removed for cleaning.

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