• Turn your little hero into a Superhero with these quick and simple no sew capes and masks. Batman, Ninja Turtles, Minions & Little Princess...the possibilities are endless with this quick and simple tutorial.

    For the Superhero Cape:

    Download Your Templates Here:


    1. Fold the fabric in half length ways. Pin the template in place, with the neck opening along the folded edge.
    2. Cut out the neck opening and the curved line of the template finishing in a straight line to the bottom of the fabric.
    3. Cut out shapes from contrasting felt to represent the superhero of your choice and attach to the back of the cape using felt glue.
    4. Attach the Stick & Stick Velcro to the neck opening for easy dressing


    For the Superhero Masks

    Download Your Templates Here:




    1. Cut mask template from one felt square.
    2. Iron on the Vilene to the back of the mask to add stability.
    3. Iron Bondaweb to the back of the other felt square, then cut out the super superhero shapes of your choice.
    4. Place the shape over one eye of the mask and cut out the eye socket. Peel back the Bondaweb backing and place back over the mask. Iron the shape in place on the mask.
    5. Attach an eyelet to either side of the mask.
    6. Measure elastic to fit around the head and thread each end through the eyelet. Secure with a stitch.






  • Adorn your home with a rustic mini pine cone tree this Christmas! Simple yet so effective... It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!ub5ornso-xlarge

    1. Decorate the tips of your pine cone with gems and embellishment to look like baubles.

    2. Make the base from a polystyrene ball. Trim the top and bottom so the edges are flat. Decorate the ball by painting red and adding ribbons and bows.

    3. Stick the pine cone to the top of the polystyrene base with glue and top the tree with a festive bead or bow!

  • Untitled design (4)

    Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare your children's costumes than to make them yourself!

    It's easy to create a beautiful and unique Halloween costume with Hickey's Easy Sew Witch's Dress - which goes perfectly with the Easy Sew Witch's Hat  to complete the look.



    How to make a Witch's Dress

    You will need:


    1. Tie the elastic around the back of a chair to keep it taut while you work.
    2. Cut all the netting into 3" strips.
    3. Fold each net strip in half to form a loop, and slip the loop under the elastic.
    4. Thread the ends of the strips through the loop over the elastic, pulling tight to secure. Attach all the strips of netting to the elastic in this manner, leaving 6 strips aside to use for the shoulder straps.
    5. Tie the elastic around the chest to determine the size required, and tie in a bow at the back.
    6. To make the shoulder straps, attach 3 strips to either side of the front of the dress by tacking on or tying them to the elastic.
    7. Drape the strips over the shoulders and attach them to the back on the dress. Trim off any excess netting.
    8. Finish the costume by decorating the top of the dress with flower corsages or other decorations.

    How to make a Witch's Hat

    You will need:


    1. Download the hat pattern here.
    2. Trace and cut out the pattern pieces so you have 2 brim pieces and 1 cone piece in felt, and 1 brim piece and 1 cone piece in the Halloween fabric.
    3. For the cone shape,  place the Halloween fabric over the felt and tac in place.
    4. Fold over the fabric with the Halloween fabric inside and sew the cone pieces together down the side with a 1/4" seam. Turn right side out.
    5. For the brim, place the Halloween fabric over one brim piece and tac in place. This will be the top brim.
    6. Sew the top and bottom brim pieces together.
    7. With the Halloween fabric facing out, sew around the entire outer edge using a 1/8" seam.
    8. Place the cone piece inside the inner circle of the brim and pin the cone to the brim.
    9. Sew around the entire opening of the hat.
    10. Decorate the hat by wrapping the swansdown trim around the base of the cone where it meets the brim, and hand sew in to place.

    Create something truly unique this Halloween for a night of trick or treating that you'll never forget. Plus, when it's so easy to create a memorable costume, you can get the kids involved and make creating this Witch's dress a family activity!

    Looking for more ideas? Check out our Halloween Wooki Costume and Spooky Cape!

  • Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare your children's costumes than to make them yourself!

    It's easy to create a beautiful and unique Halloween costume with Hickey's Easy Sew Wooki Jedi Costume - complete with pants, bag & mask to complete the look. It's the perfect Halloween costume for any Star Wars fan, and is sure to turn heads this October.Wooki-resized-500x700

    How to make a Wooki Jedi Costume

    You will need:

    • 1.2 metres of Wooki Fur.
    • 1.5 metres of Bonanza Leatherette.
    • 1.5 metres of Leather Trim.
    • Fabric Glue.
    • Bag Hooks
    • Square Foam Stickers
    • Mask
    • 0.5 metres of Stick & Stick Velcro

    For the Top:

    1. Cut 0.4m of fur and fold over the fabric.
    2. Cut a slight oval shape on the fold to make a neck hole.
    3. Fold the fabric right sides together and sew up the sides, leaving a space of approximately 6" to insert the arms.
    4. For the arms, make 2 tubes by cutting 0.3m of fur, folding the fabric, and cutting on the fold to make two pieces.
    5. Fold each piece length ways, right sides together, and sew up the long side to form the tubes.
    6. Shape the top of each tube into a slight curve to attach to the shoulder.
    7. With every piece inside out, attach the curved edge of each arm into the 6" spaces left in the top.
    8. Pin in place, and sew.
    9. Turn the top right side out, disregarding hems as the fur will hang down and disguise any raw edges.

    For the Pants:

    1. Each pant leg is a straight tube, like the arms.
    2. Cut 0.4m of fur and cut in half on the hold to create two leg pieces.
    3. Fold over the fabric length ways and right sides together to create a tube.
    4. Shape the tube at the top to form the crotch by cutting out a reverse L shape.
    5. Sew up the long side of each tube.
    6. Sew the legs together at the crotch area.
    7. Cut the elastic in half and attach the 2 straps at the back of the trousers, then criss-crossing the elastic to resemble braces, and attaching the other 2 ends to the front of the pants. This means you won't require any buttons or zips.

    For the Bag:

    1. Cut a long strip about 4" wide x 1.4m long of the leatherette.
    2. Sew or glue the length of the plaited trim down the centre of the leatherette strip.
    3. Stick on the square foam stickers along either side of the trim strip, spacing them 0.5" apart.
    4. Fold over the remaining leatherette and cut out an oval shape using a plate. This forms the bag.
    5. To attach the bag to the strap, sew bag hooks to each end of the strap.
    6. Sew the bag rings to either edge of the bag and click the hook and rings together.
    7. Decorate the bag with studs, leather straps, or a button.

    For the Mask:

    1. Paint glue all over the mask.
    2. Use some of the left over fur to place over the mask.
    3. Once dry, cut out the eye and mouth holes, and glue a small triangle of leatherette to the nose.
    4. For the hood, cut out a piece of fur 0.25m wide x 0.4m long.
    5. Fold it over, with the right sides together and sew up along the long side, curving at the top.
    6. Cut off the excess around the curve to create a hood shape.
    7. To attach the hood to the mask, attach the stick & stick velcro along the outside of the mask, and stick the front of the hood to the velcro to create the full head of fur, tucking in the excess.

    Create something truly unique this Halloween for a night of trick or treating that they'll never forget. Plus, when it's so easy to create a memorable costume, you can get the kids involved in making it too!

    Get creative and try out the Easy Sew Witch's Dress & Hat Costume.

    Shop all Halloween Fabrics.

  • How to make a childrens spooky halloween cape

    Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare your children's costumes than to make them yourself!

    How to make a Spooky Cape:

    You will need:

    For the Top:

    1. Measure the length of the cape from shoulder to waist.
    2. Fold the fabric in half, and then in half again.
    3. Starting in the bottom corner, measure the length of the cape. Mark out a 1/4 circle with chalk by placing the tip of the measuring tape in the corner of the fabric and pivot the end of the tape to make the circle, marking the desired length as you move across the fabric, making an arc shape.
    4. For the neck hole, cut out a small 1/4 circle at the corner of the fabric, using the neck of a t-shirt as a size guide.
    5. Open up your circle so it's folded in half, making a large 1/2 circle shape.
    6. Draw a slanted line from one side of the neck hole to the bottom - this should be around 1/4 of the size of a full cape. Cut this piece off to create the front opening.
    7. Draw some freehand spider-web shapes and inverted scallops along the bottom edge to give a web-like effect.
    8. Pinch the fabric carefully in the middle of the shapes and nick with the scissors. Then carefully cut out each shape to create the lattice effect.
    9. Wundaweb or sew the ribbon along the neck line to tie at the front.

    Create something truly unique this Halloween for a night of trick or treating that you'll never forget. Plus, when it's so easy to create a memorable costume, you can get the kids involved!

    Get creative and try out the Easy Sew Witch's Dress & Hat Costume or Wooki Jedi Costume.

    Shop all Halloween Fabrics

  • The Summer holidays are finally here and that means only one do we keep the kids entertained! We've picked some easy kids craft projects from around the web to help keep your little one busy come rain or shine. Happy crafting!

    Fab Crabs ( 

    Photograph Sabrina Heals

    Turn beachcombed finds into shoreline critters that'll help keep holiday memories alive. Visit Spectacular Summer Craft Ideas for Kids for details

    Outdoor Music Wind Chimes (


    Photograph (

    Create this bright musical wind chime using old tin cans. A fun way to introduce your kids to recycling. Visit - Homemade Wind Chimes the Kids Can Make!

    Egg Carton Boat



    Ships ahoy! These cute little boats are simple to make. Details are available from 

    Modern Stained Glass Vases (


    Phoatograph Deborah Harju

    Using some clear glass, tissue paper and mod podge to create your own “stained glass” vase. Perfect for a summer posy! Instructions available on

    Painted or Decoupage Bird Feeders (candice ashment art)


    Continuing on the recycling theme, these bird feeders are made from milk cartons and painted or decoupaged in bright colours ready to hang in your garden. Build it and they will come! Visit for instructions on how to make them.

    Surfs Up! (


    Photograph by Doug Merriam

    Hit the beach in an easy-to-make surfboard tee. Your child can help choose the fabrics and cut out the shapes. Full instructions and Surf Board template from

    We also have lots of craft kits available in-store and online to help keep your little ones amused throughout the summer.

  • The Halloween Spooktacular Costume Competition at Home Focus at hickeys

    Halloween is nearly here, and we're promoting creativity and fun this year with our Halloween Spooktacular Kids' Costume Competition!

    If you love getting creative, test your skills against other crafters and sewers by creating and entering your best children's Halloween costume. Creating unique Halloween costumes for yourself or your child is fun, and a perfect group activity for all the family. Both adults and kids can enter, so there's no excuse not to get all the family involved!

    How to enter:

    Entering is easy! Just follow these steps to enter your home made Halloween costume.

    1. Visit the Hickeys Fabrics Facebook Page.
    2. Like the Hickeys Fabrics Facebook page, and comment underneath the competition post with a picture of your entry.
    3. Five finalists will be selected for further judging, and the winner will be selected from this group.

    What will you win?

    The lucky winner of the Home Focus at Hickeys Halloween Spooktacular Competition will get to choose between two fantastic prizes. Option One: A Brother LS14 Sewing Machine. Option Two: A full term of after school workshop at Project Fashion in one of their 15 destinations!


    Looking for inspiration:

    Our Halloween costumes are the perfect inspiration to get you started on your own unique design, and are full of great ideas for using different fabrics such as netting, felt, faux fur, and more! Experiment with different fabrics, or take a look at our Halloween Fabrics to get inspired!

    Why not try:

    Remember, you can use any fabric or craft item from Hickeys or Home Focus stores, so feel free to get creative and think outside the box. We love to see unusual and inspiring use of fabrics and other materials!

    Terms & Conditions:

    1. All costumes must be made by the entrant and feature exclusively fabrics purchased from any Hickeys or Home Focus store. Costumes that do not meet this condition will be disqualified.
    2. This competition is open to residents of Ireland & the UK.
    3. The closing date for entries is 1st November 2017, and the winner will be announced soon after!
    4. No staff of Hickey & Company, or family of staff members, will be permitted to enter the competition.
    5. There is no competition entry fee, but entrants will be required to cover the cost of their entry.
    6. All costumes must be suitable for a child to wear.
    7. Winner will be chosen by an independent expert judge. This decision is final.
    8. Entrants will be disqualified for entering any costume that is not their own work, or that contain unapproved fabrics.
    9. Hickey & Company reserve the right to disqualify any entry deemed to breach the conditions of the competition.
    10. The winner will be notified by email and/or letter within 7 days of the closing date. If the winner cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize within 7 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.
    11. The winner agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current Irish data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent.

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