How to Make a Frilled Xmas Tree Skirt

Tree-SkirtHow to Make a Frilled Christmas Tree Skirt

You will Need:

  • 1 Metre of Red Felt for the base
  • 0.55 Metres of plain fabric  we used Christmas Plain Red
  • 0.75 Metres of printed fabric we used Scandi Reindeer Natural
  • 3 Metres of ribbon or a bias fro the 3 ties and the neck binding



  1. Using 1 metre Square for the base, fold in half and fold in half again.Tree-Skirt-Step-2
  2. Measure downward 1.5" from the centre folded point for the neck, and 16.5" for the outer ring.Tree-Skirt-Step-3
  3. Draw 4 more rings on this 33" circle, spacing them at 3" apart.Tree-Skirt-Step-4
  4. Cut the outer and the neck rings and cut a slit between the two.Tree-Skirt-Step-5
  5. Cut 7 strips of 4" from the printed fabric & 5 strips of 4" from the plain fabric.
    • Join 3.5 strips together on the widths of the printed fabric (for the outer ring).
    • Join 3 widths together in the plain fabric for the next ring.
    • Join 2.5 widths together of the printed fabric.
    • Join 2 widths for the next ring in the plain fabric.
    • 1 width of printed fabric should remain of printed fabric for the last ring.Tree-Skirt-Step-6
  6. Gather each strip and sew to the base fabric along the drawn lines. Tree-Skirt-Step-7
  7. Bind the neck with the ribbon or bias.Tree-Skirt-Step-8
  8. Cut 6 x 12" lengths of ribbon, and sew in as 3 sets either side of opening for the ties.
  9. Tie the bows to finish.



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