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Motif Denim - Get The Look

Embroidery and statement motifs have taken the fashion world by storm, seen on the runway, celebrities and in the high street stores alike. With notable designers such as Gucci and Saint Laurent embracing the trend, it looks like it's here for the long run. Whether you want to look elegantly chic in floral, effortless trendy in grunge or to simply dress up your old denim - all you need is an iron, your favourite garment and some of our stunning motif designs. For an effortless (and affordable) up-style to your item, add a large statement motif  and surround it with smaller, dainty pieces to really pack a punch. (Image credit: Instagram)


 Step - By - Step Guide to GET THE LOOK

1 - Place your motifs over your garment, with the plastic still attached and move them around until you are happy with the layout.

2 - Once you are happy, place a dot on the area using tailors chalk-  a marker or pen will do fine, just make sure the ink doesn't seep through the garment to the other side! Placing a dot will ensure you remember where to put the motif when it comes to ironing them on.

3 - Turn on your iron to the maximum temperature, make sure you are careful and use an ironing board.

4 - Have a tea cloth ready and run it under water to dampen it. Wring it out- it just needs to be damp, not soaking wet.

5 - One by one, peel off the plastic on the back of the motif to reveal the sticky layer. Place the motif over your chosen area        and push down firmly so it is in place.

6 - Place your damp tea cloth over the garment, covering the motif.

7 - Place the hot iron over the cloth and hold down firmly for 30 seconds. Leave to cool down.

8 - Once cool, turn the garment to the other side (this may mean you have to turn it inside out.) Place the iron over the area       of the motif again without the damp cloth and hold down for 30 seconds.

9 - Wait until completely cool and start the process over again with the next motif!

VOILA! You have created your new look, now go and rock it!



Growing up with a dressmaker mother, I’ve always been immersed in the world of craft and DIY. I love to get creative and feel there is nothing you cannot achieve if you have Mod Podge or a glue gun at hand. I’ll be focusing on craft from a beginner level- we can embark on this journey together!

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