How To Make A Patchwork Christmas Stocking


Patchwork Christmas StockingYou Will Need:

  • 0.3 Metres of Scandi Stars (00362320) for the back.
  • 0.3 Metres of Scandi Tree/Bauble (00362351) for the lining
  • For the Patchwork:

Scandi Snowmen Red (00362313)
Scandi Diamonds Red (00362337)
Scandi Hearts Natural (00362375)
Xmas Snow Natural, (00362665)
Scandi Reindeer Red (00362306)
Scandi Stars Red (00362320)
Scandi Tree/Bauble Natural (00362351)



1. Download and print out both stocking templates (Stocking Template 1 Stocking Template 2and join at the marks.

2. Trace onto the Stick & Tear and add a 1/4" seam allowance.

3. Using the Stick & Tear as a template, cust as follows: 1 x Back, 2 x Lining, 2 x Batting.

4. Cut up the 7 shapes on the printed paper template. Trace these shapes in reverse onto the wrong (reverse) side of your chosen fabrics addina a 1/4" seam allowance.

5. Sew in place on the stitch and tear in numerical order.

6. Tear away the stabiliser.

7. Cut and fold a 6" Ribbon for the hanging loop

8. Layer as follows with the right sides together: 1 x batting, 2 x Linings, 1 x Batting, Front, and Back.

9. Sew around the stocking shape, remembering to insert the hanging loop and leaving the neck open.

10. Turn back on the right side out and bind neck with the ribbon/bias binding

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